Project Description

Another successful project was completed by Aero Vision Ltd for the architectural planning needs of the TEREM-LETETS Military factory.

In continuation of the partnership in the field of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), Aero Vision Ltd has successfully integrated a laser scanner (LiDAR) from the leading manufacturer GEOSUN in a car. The used LiDAR GS-130X is characterized by high accuracy, equipped with a fully integrated 26 Mp camera and with an inertial system providing SLAM capabilities as well as the possibility of RTK / PPK correction. In addition, a specialized RTK station from Trimble was used, with which the PPK position correction was additionally performed, which enabled accurate (2.5 cm) georeferencing of the laser scanner data.

To analyze the accuracy from the RTK station, a signal from the CORS RTK network was also used, with data provided by 1 Yocto.

What is interesting about this project is that a car is used instead of a UAV, due to the extreme restrictions on the use of UAVs in areas around airports and military installations. In this case, the approach to solving the laser scanning tasks had to be changed, significantly especially in the data post-processing part and the use of the specialized software for the purpose gAirhawk and to adapt it to the mobile scanning solution with a mounted laser scanner on a car.

In order to ensure a reliable autonomous power supply of the laser scanner, batteries from Gens Ace / Tattu were used, of which Aero Vision EOOD is the official importer for Bulgaria, and which batteries are distinguished by the highest quality of LiPo batteries on the market worldwide.