Specialized professional trainings

Throughout 2018, Aero Vision Ltd has conducted a number of trainings for the specialized use of unmanned aerial systems. The focus during the training was the implementation of innovative and modern techniques in the use of UAVs.

Some of the most prestigious and highly demanding customers are the Special forces of the police and the South-West Forestry department.

With the help of its trustworthy partners, in particular the CENTER FOR PROFESSIONAL TRAINING, KNOWLEDGE AND PROGRESS, the trainees gained the necessary knowledge and skills to reliably and safely pilot the UAV in extreme conditions – fire fighting, localization of fire sources, with organized crime, recognizing dangerous targets and coordinating the special team forces with the direct use of UAVs.

The focus in the use of the UAV is its full integration into the overall methodology of the various governmental departments during a search and detain operations of suspects, detecting and identifying dangerous targets and neutralizing them.

On the other hand, FLIR – Black Hornet provides an unnoticed intrusion into an aggressive zone and tactical observation of the environment, which is extremely suitable as a solution for all specialized police units and gendarmerie.

The trainings for Search and rescue operations and early localization of fires in forestry environment and hard-to-reach areas insured significant improvement of the capabilities and efficiency of the teams directly responsible for these activities in the different government structures.