Specialized UAV for locating explosives and ammunition

At the end of October 2022, another project of Aero Vision EOOD was successfully completed. The project consists in the development of a specialized Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for locating explosives and ammunition for the needs of NATO allies and, more specifically, the Center for the implementation of various technologies and methodologies for the detection and deactivation of various types of explosives and ammunition in Trencin, Slovakia. Leading specialists in the field of explosives, experts in the field of UAVs, aeronautical engineers, designers and avionics specialists took part in the project.

Solving operational-tactical tasks on the front line for the disposal of various types and calibers of ammunition and explosive elements requires high training of personnel, as well as modern technologies and methodologies to ensure a high level of safety, and resulting in high efficiency and reduced risk, both for explosives specialists working in the field and for the civilian population.

Working with munitions and explosives is extremely responsible and dangerous, therefore we at Aero Vision Ltd understand the need to develop a reliable platform that provides the necessary tools for detecting, locating and disposing of munitions, having developed a specialized UAV with high and wide-spectrum capabilities, stepping on the AV-X6v2 “Scorpion” platform, equipped with a range of sensors and equipment, as well as a dedicated Workswell WIRIS Security thermal camera.

The project also included intensive two-week training aimed at building UAV pilots` confidence, proper habits and skills for piloting specialized UAVs.