Training of future employees of Aero Vision EOOD on project BG05M90P001-1.057-0104-C01 “Skills”

In June, 2021. Aero Vision Ltd. has successfully trained 40 specialists in the use of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) in four different areas:

  • Drone pilot – photographer
  • Drone pilot with photogrammetric equipment
  • Drone pilot with thermal camera
  • Drone pilot with laser scanner

During their training, the students acquired all the necessary theoretical knowledge in the field of regulation, as well as practical skills for safe use of UAVs for industrial applications. During the classes, the trainees used different types of UAVs, as well as specialized simulators to learn basic piloting habits, as well as to perform various tasks with UAVs.

The practical training in field conditions enabled the trainees to master what they learned in the gym and on the simulator as effectively as possible and to apply their knowledge in a real environment, as special tasks were completed:

  • Capturing a drone with another drone in flight
  • Performing photogrammetry and making 3D models
  • Use of a specialized RTK station and georeferencing of sites
  • Perform search and rescue tasks with a thermal camera
  • Post-processing of photos taken with a thermal camera
  • Production of an advertising video with the use of specialized software

The successful completion of the training course, as well as the demonstrated high results by the trainees at the end of their training show that the training plans and programs developed in this way are extremely effective.

The strong motivation of the trainees, the disciplined conduct of the trainings by highly qualified and experienced teachers, together with the use of extremely modern material base and professional equipment gave occasion to MLSP (Ministry of Labor and Social Policy) to point out the project implementation as “Useful practices” of European and national funding.