Aero Vision Ltd together with the leader in professional training in Bulgaria – CPO “Znanie i Progress” and “Unmanned systems Bulgaria” organizes a one-week training for professional pilots of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), which includes two modules:

  1. Basic training with theoretical and practical submodules

The basic training aims to build the necessary habits for the correct and safe use of UAVs in the common airspace. The basic training includes theoretical and practical part, and the theoretical part will be led by proven specialists with many years of experience in the design, manufacturing and use of various types of UAVs. The practical module includes the use of a simulator and the actual use of UAVs on a pre-adapted airfield for that purpose.

  1. SORA – Specific Operations Risk Assessment

The risk-based regulatory framework for UAS that is emerging from JARUS and recommended for worldwide application is generally based on the definition of three categories of operations: A (Open), B (Specific) and C (Certified).

To operate in Category B, operators usually submit a risk assessment to the national competent authority (in Bulgaria – General Directorate of Civil Aviation Administration) for approval. UAV operators may apply for a license and be exempted from submitting for approval the prepared risk assessment for each operation to the national competent authority, but in any case this assessment is required.

This framework also defines the use of UAVs out of sight, which is the basis of all industrial applications of UAVs such as the monitoring of wind turbines, solar parks, gas and electricity infrastructure and more.

The trainings end with an exam and certification according to the requirements of Bulgarian CAA and EASA, as lecturers will be proven specialists from Bulgaria and Europe, with the highest level of qualification, meeting the requirements of EASA.