From mid-February 2019 Aero Vision Ltd is the official importer for Bulgaria of the leading provider of precision solutions in the field of construction and geodesy in Europe – 3D Target.

SCANFLY is the best assistant to any architect who can now quickly and accurately scan objects from the ground, including buildings, build precise geo-referenced 3D models, and then process them with specialized design software. This high-tech solution reduces preparation time in construction, with 3D scanning completely replacing standard geodetic measurements, and subsequently reducing errors resulting from these operations and as a result reducing time and costs for preliminary analysis and estimation of construction costs.

SCANFLY is also well suited for analyzing the movement of Earth masses over time by helping civilian services to accurately analyze the effects of landslides, assessing the status of dams and their infrastructure.

In addition, SCANFLY can be integrated into the majority of industrial multirotor unmanned aircraft, which gives you great flexibility to work in a variety of meteorological and technical conditions.