In the period 01.06 – 04.06.2022 Aero Vision Ltd took part in INTERNATIONAL DEFENCE EQUIPMENT AND SERVICES EXHIBITION “HEMUS”!

At the stand of our trusted partner – Technical University of Sofia, Department of Air Transport, Aero Vision Ltd. presented various solutions for remote monitoring and surveillance using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), entirely designed and manufactured in Bulgaria.

The interest in modern technologies in the field of UAVs at HEMUS 2022 is exceptional, as Aero Vision Ltd. can provide various technological solutions for detecting and tracking targets at a relatively long distance (2-3 km) in different weather conditions day and night; detection, localization and mapping of different types of ammunition and explosives; search and rescue and various industrial applications, such as building 3D models of the terrain, surveying solar parks with a thermal camera and many others.

As a logical epilogue of the exhibition, Aero Vision Ltd also provided UAV to partners of the exhibition for tests of detecting and taking control of UAVs. As a result of these tests, the products provided by Aero Vision Ltd have proven to be extremely resistant and reliable to interference and suppression of radio control, as well as low radio visibility.