Aero Vision ltd presents our new product on the European market!

From July 2023 Aero Vision ltd developed with its partners in Europe and China the new ARCAS 2300™. Equipped with a hybrid engine, it can provide extremely long flight time and high efficiency.

ARCAS 2300™ is the latest and most innovative product from Aero Vision. It is distinguished by its exceptional strength and long flight endurance – unreachable for most of the spraying multirotor unmanned aircraft.
The unprecedented positioning accuracy, as well as the reliable and industry-proven autopilot, ensures accurate and safe work in bad weather conditions and high altitudes.
It is suitable for various spraying tasks as it could be equipped with different nozzles to ensure enfficency and high results on the field.

ARCAS 2300™ has normal flight time of 1 hour and efficient spraying of 20 ha/hour.

Manufactured entirely in China, complying with the highest requirements of ISO 9001 as well as international EASA requirements, the ARCAS 2300™ is extremely competitive with all multi-rotor crop treatment systems on the market in Europe!