Since 1974 Mejzlík Propellers s.r.o. has been developing and manufacturing the highest quality propellers. It`s not just another propeller manufacturer, together with its partners, Mezjlik is working in close contact to achieve the goals of every end customer, and will ensure its valuable platform will be safe during operation.

During the history of Mezjlik has manufactured propellers for many platform types. Being it multicopter, fixed wing, VTOL or other innovative platform type.

From the design, 3D modelling, professional CFD simulations, high quality assurance and stress- strain analysis, Mejzlík Propellers s.r.o. managed to develop and put on the market state-of-the-art propellers with high efficiency and outstanding reliability with military grade quality.

Amongst the customers and world- known manufacturers using Mezjlik Propellers s.r.o. today are Martin UAV, Percepto, Aeronautics and many others private and corporate customers.

Currently, Aero Vision Ltd is recognized as the only official reseller of Mezjlik Propellers s.r.o. for Bulgaria and we are looking to work together with hobbyists, professionals and shops.