From the beginning of May 2023, Aero Vision Ltd became the official distributor of Pix4D for Bulgaria!

The Pix4D product range includes various products to provide the most flexible solutions in the field of photogrammetry and laser scanning and to deliver the highest accuracy of georeferenced and detailed models. The product range provides solutions that support a number of industrial sectors: precision agriculture, precision construction, architecture, surveying, solar park research, wind farms and more.

In addition, Pix4D also provides cloud-based data post-processing services, which significantly reduces the post-processing time of a large number of photos, thereby reducing costs for end customers and increasing efficiency in field operations.

Licensing for each of the products is extremely flexible, allowing customers to use each product individually, bundled with other products, on both a monthly and annual basis. Perpetual licenses are also available, which can also be easily and quickly transferred from one computer to another. Separately, for universities and research organizations, Pix4D offers exclusive discounts.