Aero Vision Ltd will take part in the international exhibition in Thessaloniki, Greece!

In the period from September 9 to 17, 2023 in Pavilion 13, stand B6, Aero Vision Ltd will present the newest and most innovative products developed in the company, as well as specialized equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers of cameras and laser scanners, such as Gremsy, Workswell and Geosun.

Thessaloniki International Fair, founded in 1926, is an institution. It is a well-established exhibition event, which reflects both the domestic and international trends and momentum of entrepreneurship. It also hosts and organizes a variety of entertainment events during the 9-day celebration.

The 87th TIF, which will take place in a time of significant realignment both nationally and globally, will offer new market proposals on technology, innovation and environmental protection as well as education, start-ups, and eGovernance. This will reflect the socio-economic realities of today’s country. The entertainment aspect of the TIF is also enhanced by the many events and tributes that will attract people of all ages.