From April 15, 2020 Aero Vision Ltd. has been accepted as a member of the Defense Industry Club Association. The main task of the Association is to work for the development of an adequate vision and strategy for the development of the defense industry. The joint efforts of experts and industry leaders with many years of experience will lead to improved communication and cooperation between individual Bulgarian companies, as well as successful cooperation and integration of Bulgarian companies with foreign companies from NATO and EU member states, and not only with them – we look in all directions.

The mission of the association is to create an open organization for all companies, active and useful for all companies belonging to us without dividing lines, seeking the intersection of personal and public interest. All the consistent efforts we will make in the coming years will be dictated by one Purpose:

Restoration of the strength and authority of the Bulgarian industry, gradual integration into the EU and NATO as an equal partner and competitive participant in the common processes of European industrial integration.