Inter Expo Center in partnership with the International Drone Exhibition Consortium, of which Aero Vision EOOD is a member, held the first exhibition of its kind in Bulgaria and the Balkans for unmanned devices and systems in the period from October 20 to 23.

The exhibition was held under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Rumen Radev, who in his congratulatory address to the exhibitors noted the growing interest of the general public, business and government authorities in remotely controlled systems and their implementation in the various spheres of industry, defense and their use for private purposes.

The Institute for Space Research and Technology at the BAS, the Association of the Bulgarian Aviation Industry, the Bulgarian Federation of Aeromodelling, the Association for Ultralight Aviation in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Federation of Aeromodelling Sports, the Association “United Drone Society”, the Military Academy “G.S. Rakovski”, the Higher Naval School “N.Y. Vaptsarov”, the Professional Association for Robotics and Automation /PARA/, Sofia Tech Park, Club “Drone Extreme” and many others. In total, more than 90 Bulgarian and foreign brands participated in the exhibition. The presence of companies from the Bulgarian defense industry at the exhibition shows the great interest and opportunities for the creation of unmanned systems with military and dual purpose and by Bulgarian manufacturers.

The exhibition was viewed by more than 4,000 visitors of various ages and professions, a large number of them specialists in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles. Also, not a small part of the visitors were private individuals who use such devices for personal purposes – professionally or for fun.